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Restorations note: A free solid state vibrator is included and installed in the tube type restoration. 

Restoration consists of restoring the radio to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications). The cost is dependent on whether the radio utilizes vibrators or transistors. 

All paper capacitors, filter condensers and buffer capacitors will be replaced with new components. Other discrete electronics, including tubes, must be evaluated. If any of these parts fail to meet specification they will be replaced. 

A transistor set will have a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The PCB will be serviced for bad solder points and cracks and any failed discrete electronics will be replaced in order to meet recommended specifications. 

All controls will be cleaned and lubed as needed. Radios will be aligned for proper application. All radios will undergo bench tests to verify a quality restoration. Any minor cosmetic flaws will be corrected or repaired to the extent that such is possible. 

In the unlikely event that a needed part is not available we will contact you concerning possible options. A donor radio can be used to supplant the missing parts at a nominal fee or the failed radio can be returned.

Car and Truck Radio Restorations and Repairs


We restore all car and truck radios made by Delco, Mopar, Fomoco and the earlier United Motors, Motorola, Philco models of the 30's and 40's. Included are the Wonderbar, Town & Country and other signal seeking radios. We restore Domestic Euro & Japanese radios. If you have questions about your radio being restored please contact us. Beckers Blaupunkts serviced and adding Bluetooth and DAB where FM is being eliminated. HD available for US models.

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Home Radios

We also restore vintage or antique home radios. Cathedrals and Tombstones. We do not repair cabinetry. If you do need cabinetry work we can refer you to a skilled professional who specializes in cabinet restoration.

Fill out the contact form to get more information about pricing from Bill.

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