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BLUETOOTH and USB Additions

NEW!! Available for all radios with Aux input or with our FMR 3.0 Aurora Design Board For Domestic & Foreign Brands. Learn about FMR 3.0 Audio Conversions here. (This link opens a .pdf document)

BT 3.0 for streaming and hands-free Voice assist access to Smartphone or iPhone w/ Aux Input

BTU 3.0 Stream cordless with iPhone or Smartphone Hands-Free Voice Assist with the addition of USB 3.0  for charging and thumb drives

USB 3.0 Charge your iPhone or Smartphone and play your audio files.

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AM/FM Conversions

​A radio can have a small chip added to allow AM-FM with auxiliary input for (iPod, MP3, CD, Satellite) or have a replacement board installed. In the latter case, electronics may have to be removed for the fit of the new board. This allows AM/FM auxiliary stereo utilizing any combination of from 1 - 4 speakers with 45 watts each. Modifications or alterations are never made to the appearance or fit of the radio in either the add-on or stereo upgrade. With the add-on, all operating features of the radio remain the same. Add-ons and conversions are available for the Wonderbar (Delco Trademark) or Town & Country radios having signal seeking capability. Also, line outputs for external amps may be added to the multiple speaker choice, giving you more power. 



FMC-2 FM Tuner (FM Mono)

The FMC-2 is very small and will fit any radio. It is mounted and installed to allow your existing working radio to receive AM/FM with auxiliary input to access iPod Mp3 CD & satellite. This is the add on as it provides mono audio through your working radio and existing speaker(s). The FMC-2 can be used in all installations. It does need a working radio and if your radio does not work it can be restored to accommodate the kit at an additional charge. Designed to operate with a 6-volt positive or negative ground, or 12-volt battery applications and signal seeking radios like the Delco Wonderbar and Ford and Chrysler Town & Country. Since no modification of the original radio is required, and since the FMC-2.7 is easily removable, without a trace, the originality and appearance of the AM radio is retained. 

No one will ever know that your original AM radio can now receive FM broadcasts and be used with an MP3 player, satellite radio, or similar device.

Prices determined upon quotes and receipt of radio


 Unfortunately due to the instability of the CHIP market prices have increased somewhat. Please check with us for current pricing effective 4/1/23 . Thank you.

The FMR-3.0. Stereo conversion allows from 1 to 4 speaker stereo from AM/FM, iPod, MP3, CD, USB, and Bluetooth input with an option for Voice Command. With power ratings at 4x45 watts, external amplifiers may be added through 5 line outputs for even more power if desired. Even has a non-mechanical scan feature for non-motorized radios.


Just to show you how it works with your radio:


Working equally well with any original tuner (inductive, capacitive, and resistive) the FMR-2 offers smooth and precise tuning rivaling the best analog tuners available. The FMR-2 easily adapts to any radio configuration from the 1930s thru the 1970s. Signal Seeking radios like the Delco Wonderbar and Ford and Chrysler Town & Country radios are fully supported. It finds the stations every time. Any radio can be done.

The FMR-3.0 cannot be damaged by battery reversal, double battery jump starts, alternator disconnects (load dump), etc. Even if a mechanic accidentally connects the battery backward, the FMR-2 is completely protected.

Stereo auxiliary inputs are provided for adding other audio sources such as iPods, MP3 players, CD players, satellite radios, etc.

The FMR-HV1 supply is used to power the high voltage seek relays used in many early 1950's Delco Wonderbar radio and Town and Country radios of that era as well. It is designed to wire directly between the FMR-2 and the seek relay. It's ultra-small size and high efficiency allow it to be easily mounted inside the radio. Additional charges are required for these radios.

The FMR-3.0 requires a 12-volt negative ground operation and although your radio may be 6-volt positive or negative ground or 12-volt + ground converters are available to safely boost the voltage for all needs.

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