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6 x 9" Oval - Our 6x9 speaker uses our large NEO magnet, treated fabric accordion surround edge suspension, added whizzer cone for improved high frequency response and a much larger spider than OEM speakers. All this makes our speaker out perform any OEM 6x9 used on classic cars. The 6x9 is the most popular size speaker used by all car manufacturers starting in the late 40's and still in use today. A common dash and rear deck speaker for most cars. Available in both 4 ohm and 8 ohm impedance.  As a rule, if your radio is all tube operation with a vibrator, it uses a 4 ohm speaker. If your radio is a hi-bred ( part tube, part transistor ) or all transistor ( 1962 or later ) it will require an 8 - 10 ohm speaker.

Note: 4 ohm speakers do not have the whizzer cone as many applications like the 1955, 1956 Chevrolet full size factory radio applications. Due to the compact NEO magnet, this speaker will fit in the 1946, 47, 48 Fords, 50, 51 Mercurys, 55, 56 Chevy and other applications that require small magnets.


Black fabric dust screen installed on all 8-10 ohm speakers (optional on 4 ohm at no extra charge).


4 & 8 Ohm available

Size: 9 1/16"L x 6  5/16"W.   2 11/16" deep

4 5/8" x 6 5/8" mounting centers.

6 x 9" Oval Speaker

    56 f100 knob front.jpg
    1956 Ford F100 Radio Dial Knob
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