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Conversions- A radio can have a small chip added to allow am/fm with auxiliary input, or have a replacement board installed allowing AM-FM auxiliary stereo utilizing 1-4 speakers, at 45 watts each. Modifications or alterations are never made to the appearance or fit of the radio in either the mono or stereo upgrade. 
Restorations - Restore original radio to manufacturers specifications.

USB Connect - Providing a connection for memory stick or charging your device.
Bluetooth with Voice Command & USB - Add the Voice Command Option along with USB allowing hands free driving and memory card downloads as well as charging your phone.
Bluetooth - Pairing and interfacing with your phone. 
Custom Radios - including the new Slidebar as an adjunct to replacing the original radio & Secret Audio
​Speakers - To replace or add newer versions - Reconing available. Call for pricing. Dual Voice Coil and Dual Cone available.

Home, car and truck radio restoration consists of restoring the radio to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications).




Your original radio can be converted to an AM/FM mono radio or stereo radio depending on the 
number of speakers desired.

Bring any Radio into the 21st Century!​

Bill the Radio Guy​      CLASSIC CAR STEREO

3-4 Week Turnaround!

Why wait longer?

Answer and make phone calls hands free. Stream music from your phone or tablet. Use the 
dedicated keys to skip or replay music