Stereo 4" x 10" Oval Dual 3 1/2" - These speakers use two of our 3 1/2" full range speakers mounted on 11ga laser cut steel mounting plate to replace a standard single 4 x 10 oval 4 bolt or football shape 2 bolt speaker for stereo radio applications.


These speakers will fit anywhere an original 4 bolt or 2 bolt 4" x 10" was installed including the very shallow Delco applications such as the 1964 thru 1967 Tempest/GTO (4 bolt) or 1970 thru -73 Mopar E-body (2 bolt).  Due to lack of low frequency response of the small speakers, this speaker should not be used as the only speaker in a sound system. It is meant as a fill-in speaker and should be used with a larger rear or underseat mount speaker system for full range sound.


Choose 2 hole or 4 hole.


Black dust screen installed

8 ohm

Size:   10 1/2"L x 4  3/4"W.    1 1/2" deep

3 1/4" x 6 7/8" mounting centers.


Note: As 3 1/2" speakers cannot handle high power low frequency signals without distortion, our speakers have "Bass Blocker" capacitors installed to prevent overload from low frequency signals. These are the blue components shown installed on the back side view.

Stereo 4" x 10" Oval Dual 3 1/2" Speakers

    56 f100 knob front.jpg
    1956 Ford F100 Radio Dial Knob