4" x 10" Mopar A and B Body Stereo High Output - This speaker uses the same High-Q drivers used in our Dual6x9HQ  stereo speaker, but mounted on an 11ga laser cut steel plate cut to match the original Mopar A & B body 4x10 center dash speaker mounting plate.  It is very light, weighing just over 1 pound. Compare to others using smaller drivers at over 2 1 /2 times the weight.  Available with 4 ohm voice coils suitable for use with our conversion or modern radios or with 8 ohm voice coils for those who wish to install original factory stereo radios in Mopar cars but do not wish to acquire the 3 speaker dash parts used with original Mopar stereo radios and tape players.


Note: No dust screen due to fitment.

4 ohm and 8 ohm available

Size:   10 1/2"L x 4  3/4"W.    2 1/8" deep.


Dual speaker replaces original Mopar A & B body 4 x 10 Speaker and mounting bracket for conversion radios or modern radio applications.

4" x 10" Mopar A and B Body Stereo High Output Speaker

    56 f100 knob front.jpg
    1956 Ford F100 Radio Dial Knob