6 x 9" Oval with correct Delco Load Coil - Used in 1957 & 1958 full size Chevrolet front speaker applications and Corvettes from 1958 through 1967.  We have gone to great length to reproduce the correct load coil and mounting bracket used on the C2 Corvettes. This speaker will make your original Corvette radio sound better than new, with improved bass and treble response and can achieve higher volume levels than an original speaker.    The Neo magnet used on our speaker provides more than twice the magnetic field strength of the ceramic magnet on the speaker shown below ours. As with all Delco radios of this vintage, this speaker is designed to run with 1.5 volts DC across the speaker terminals.


Warning: There are many copies of this speaker available from other sources that have the wrong value load coil and 4 ohm speakers. Many we have seen have a DC resistance as low as 1/4 ohm. Load coils with this low resistance will appear to be a short circuit to the radio and can destroy the output transistor or amplifier circuits.


Black fabric face dust cover on all speakers. 


8 - 10 Ohm with correct 1.5 ohm 26 millihenry load coil

Size: 9 1/16"L x 6  5/16"W    2 11/16" deep

4 5/8" x 6 5/8" mounting centers.

1958 - 1967 Corvette Speaker 6x9"

    56 f100 knob front.jpg
    1956 Ford F100 Radio Dial Knob